CDO information and Conditions of Hire.

Each Helm of a WSC Boat must read these Rules and

Confirm WSC Membership

The use of club boats are available to Existing WSC Members Only and is their responsibility whilst in their possession

Boats must be rigged for the appropriate weather conditions  

Defaults/defects to the Boats found before during or after use  the Chief Duty Officer must be informed


           Up to Force 4 (17mph or 16 knots)                  Any Club Boat can be hired

           Force 5   (24mph or 21 knots)                           Lasers cannot be hired due to age

           Force 6  (30mph or 27knots)                            NO club boat can be hired

           I Do NOT have my own boat


CDO is the boat suitable for Hirer initial here


Declaration  Hirer Agrees

  • Hirer must be competent to sail in tidal waters.
  • All rudders and dagger boards must be secured before launching
  • To Pay 50% payment towards replacement loss or damage to any part of the  boat, (excluding wear and tear)
  • To obtain Third parties Full Insurance details in the case of damage to the boat    with a full incident report
  • Ensure all crew members wear a buoyancy aid and sufficient clothing for the weather conditions
  • To take full responsibility for the safety of the crew member whilst in charge of  boat
  • To return to the club if the CDO or Race Officer advises that the weather conditions have deteriorated.

As hirer of a club boat I have read and accept these conditions of hire and take full responsibility for my own safety and wellbeing whilst in charge of the club boat.

This form can be downloaded from the website home page, bottom right.

CEG New Boat Hire Day Form WSCApril2019


Boat Hire Form

Boat Hire Form